Karen-Marie Lillelund

I take your personal data seriously. This Privacy Policy helps you understand how I collect, use and protect your personal information, who I share with and how you can gain insight into your data.

Latest update 8th of January 2021

Who am I

Website address : https://karenmarielillelund.dk is owned by Karen-Marie Lillelund (CVR 32118771).

Karen-Marie Lillelund collects and treats personal data according to the purposes described in the Personal data politic.
Karen-Marie Lillelund is responsible for handling personal data for the purposes.

If you have any questions regarding handling of your data, feel free to contact PA Lene Mark Rasmussen:

Phone : +45 50 83 83 36

E-mail: info@karenmarielillelund.dk

Which personal data are collected

I collect only peronal data for use in my company. I only collect average peronal data and only from grown-ups. I only treat information that is relevant to your costumer relationship with Karen-Marie Lillelund. This information will typically be:

  • Costumer information
    • Contact information that you give me in relation to booking of speeches and events.
  • Cookies
    • I use cookies on this website. A cookie is a small textfile, given ID tags that are stored on your computer’s browser directory to give you a better user experience on the website. You can read more about the use of cookies in my cookie policy.
  • Security-logs
    • The IP-adress for visitors, user-ID for logged-in users, user names for login attempts is conditionally logical to control damaging activity and to protect the website against specific types of attacks. This information is kept for 90 days.

How do I use personal data

I use personal data to fulfill the purspose described below and only in the extend necessary and according to the law.

  • Costumer administration – Administration of your costumer information as part of running my business eg. costumer register, invoicing and marketing. I do not use personal data from contact forms etc. for marketing unless you agree to this.
  • Compliance with the law – Everything is done according to applicable laws in connection to running my business
  • Security – Data concerning your IP-adress and used browser is logged to help detect spam and illegal login attempts. IP-adresses from visitors, user-ID for logged in users and usernames for login attempts are necessary to control damaging activity and to protect the website against special types of cyber attacks. This website is scanned for potential malware and vulnerability by Sucuri.

I do not use automated decisions or profiling.

If I wish to use your personal data for other purposes than original planned I will contact you to get your consent.

It is important that all personal data concerning you are correct and updated. I therefore ask for personal information if there are changes in your personal data.

Who do I share personal data with

I use services from third-party partners to store data (back-up, cloud solutions etc) and processing data (analysis, statistics etc.)

I only use dataprocessors that supports GDPR (EU dataprotection laws)

I can choose to pass personal data on or give access to other service providers in connection to operation of my business like administration of IT-systems, analysis tasks, marketing og legal advice.

Personal data is not passed on unless it is necessary to run my business or meet your costumer needs.

I use cookies and you can read more about that on the page Cookies.

Itheme Security

This website is a part of a network of websites, that protects users against distributed Brute-Force-Attacks. To activate this protection IP-adresses from visitors who try to log in, are shared, using a service called ithemes.com. For more details see Ithemes Privacy Policy.

To secure file integrity iThemes take security data from wordpress.org, ithemes. com and amazonaws.com. No personal data is send to these websites.


This website is scanned for potentiel malware and vulnerability by Sucuri Site Check. I do not send personal data to Sucuri, but Sucuri can find personal data that is made public eg. in blog comments during their scans.

In relation to Sucuris securitycheck, ithemes.com is contacted as a part of the process to determine if the website supports TLS/SSL-requests. No personal data is sendt to ithemes.com as a part of this proces. Requests to ithemes.com includes the website URL. For more details on ithemes.com privacy policy please see ithemes.com

How long do I store personal data

Personal data is stored as long as the law allows. I do not store personal data longer than necessary to fulfill the purpose they are collected for. Storage time depends on the character of information and the reason for storage.

  • User profiles – For user profiles on my website I keep the personal information that they give their user profile. All users can see, edit and delete their own user profile at any time. Website administrators can also see, edit and delete userprofiles.
  • Security logs – are kept up till 90 days

How do I protect personal data

Personal data is kept electronically.

I take backup of data and have a data handling deal including confidentiality agreement with third-party.

In case of security breach, I will inform customers and partners as fast as possible and according to applicable rules.

Your rights

According to EU data protection laws you are entitled to know what personal information we are processing about you. You may also object to the use of information at any time. You may also revoke your consent to processing information about you. If the information processed about you is incorrect, you are entitled to correct or delete.

Please contact: info@karenmarielillelund.dk If you would like to complain about our processing of your personal information.