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individual information

In general
At KMsVerden we are both responsible and responsible for data protection in protecting the information we have about you. Personal information is all kinds of information that may be attributed to you, for example. name, phone number or email. When using the KMsVerd, we collect and process a variety of such information. This happens for example. If you register as a user, sign up for our newsletter or make purchases through the website.

We typically collect and process the following types of information: Name, Phone Number, Email, Address, and Payment Information. This will typically be associated with the creation of login or purchase.

We have taken technical and organizational measures against the fact that your information is accidentally or illegally deleted, published, lost, impaired or comes to the knowledge of a person, misused or otherwise treated in violation of the law.

The information is used to identify you as a user and for example. show you the events in your area, register your purchases and payments, and provide the services you have requested, such as to send a newsletter. In addition, we use the information to optimize our services and content.

Disclosure of information
We do not disclose personal information such as name and email but use a number of third parties for data retention and processing. These only deal with information on our behalf and may not be used for their own purposes.
In addition, we only use computer operators in the EU or in countries that can provide your information with adequate protection.

Insights and complaints
You are entitled to know what personal information we are processing about you. You may also object to the use of information at any time. You may also revoke your consent to processing information about you. If the information processed about you is incorrect, you are entitled to correct or delete. Please contact: If you would like to complain about our processing of your personal information, you also have the opportunity to contact the Data Inspectorate.

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