Humor as stress management

Stress has become a national scourge, and it's not something to laugh about. But humor can in turn be a good tool when you want to avoid weekday rush gets to stress. Karen-Marie Small Lund illustrates how to use humor to de-stress, no matter where you are.

Humor is not a miracle drug and once you have gone down with stress must be other methods in play. But humor is the world's best prevention tool. And if you train his sense of humor while everyday life is peaceful, as it is also when you are pressed and have dramatically need a break.

A nordjysk man once said to Karen-Marie: "It's not really comfortable with taking his good mood to work. You never know if you get it home again "answer for him and many others is that with a little bit of exercise and attention you can find humor in both the workplace and on the way there and maybe even get a better mood back home than it you came with.

This lecture focuses on how to break negative thought patterns, and is better at keeping the balance between the bustle and stress. Simultaneously, it is a vision of how a positive attitude becomes more than a dutiful smile, and instead end up in the real job.

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