Communicate with humor

Here speaks Karen-Marie about the communication that is the foundation for job satisfaction, good atmosphere and thus a positive work culture. It is about choosing his battles and with direct communication create a foundation of trust that gives laughter, and the positive work culture thrive.

With a positive work culture facilitates access to new ideas that can improve the daily life and the bottom line and when the work takes place in an atmosphere where you have easy to smile, you can even minimize the risk of bustle becomes stress. Karen-Marie Small Lund relate cheerfully and critical to our way of communicating. She helps us to spot the fun and encouraging events of everyday life, and to shake up the automatic communication and replacing it with presence.

Can you see the fun in everyday life, then you can also be the one with a little worn words called "change." Let Karen-Marie Small Lund give their opinions on how to sharpen attention on good communication and get the humor in the bargain - one thing is certain: It will not be boring!

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